HELP US SAVE OUR FUTURE To save lives, early diagnosis
and treatment are essentials
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Your Gift Today Can Help Change A Child’s Future

To help us continue, we urgently need your unwanted household items. Please support us by donating your reusable items

  • Clean clothing of all ages
  • Children’s clothes, belts, hats & soft toys
  • Shoes, handbags, bed sheets & linens
  • Unused toiletries,cosmetics & perfumes
  • Jewellery, Gift sets, bathroom sets
  • CD’S, DVD’S & MP3 players
  • Mobile phones, games & game consoles

Sustainable Development Goals

Help is

Our Goal

No child should suffer cancer alone, treating children with cancer is dedicated and driven to help save and improve young lives. Promote and protect the physical and mental health of children suffering from cancer. Relieve sickness by assisting research into the nature, causes, diagnosis and prevention of cancer. Promote and protect the mental health of the families of children suffering from cancer.

We Are In A Mission

To Beat Childhood Cancer

Our Friends

Our Friends

Our Friends

Give us a call

Treating Children with Cancer’s dedicated volunteer team are available
to hear your comments/suggestions on improving what we can continue to assist
in the fight against childhood cancer.

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