Children and Teenagers Information Nurse

Provision of timely, accurate and accessible cancer information can make a real difference to a person’s ability to cope with a cancer diagnosis. For children and teenagers affected by cancer, this is particularly important.

We know that the two main sources of cancer information for young people are their parents or doctors. However, parents do not always have all the answers, and children are often too afraid to ask doctors certain questions. Children and teenagers need alternative sources of specialist information and support to answer their queries and concerns.

The Macmillan Children and Teenagers Information Nurse is responsible for developing cancer information specifically aimed at young people. The nurse produces a broad range of information resources covering everything from the signs and symptoms of cancer, and the treatments involved, to the possible side effects and places to find support.

The information is available in a variety of formats including booklets and fact sheets, audio information, and online on the Macmillan website, to ensure that young people do not have to feel alone when facing a diagnosis of cancer.

“We are truly grateful to Treating Children with Cancer for your generosity towards Macmillan’s work. Your support has made a tremendous difference to the lives of many children and young people affected by cancer, and has helped us to ensure that no one has to face cancer alone.”

– Caroline Totterdill,

 Head of Philanthropy, Macmillan Cancer Support